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Hannah Sayers is the founder of Small Change and is born and raised in the Cronx (aka Croydon, London). She has 15 years of experience in fundraising and improving local heritage, leisure, culture and greenspaces. Her day job is Head of Fundraising and Innovation at Enable Leisure and Culture in Wandsworth and is a Trustee for Community Action for Selhurst and Surrounding Areas (CASSA).

Hannah created Small Change when the Covid-19 crisis hit as she saw so many non-profits struggling and wanted to help. Small Change was set up within a matter of days to offer free fundraising support to small nonprofits. Initially inundated with requests, Hannah sought to increase her capacity and Six incredible willing volunteers (some not on Furlough!) from a variety of fundraising disciplines, bravely stepped up. Together they’ve now helped 10 small non-profits, with a waiting list growing every day. Hannah and her team have an innovative approach. Instead of one person taking on one job, the whole team works on each project and gives support. Meaning the recipient gets a holistic fundraising approach from many areas. It also helps the fundraisers themselves as they learn about all areas of fundraising, helping them to develop professionally, whilst also giving peer support.


How to get involved

Small Change is different because we bring all elements of fundraising (grants, events, community, direct marketing, etc) to the table and look at solving your fundraising problems as a team.  

If you are a small nonprofit who needs fundraising help please fill in our form here to find out if you are eligible for free support

If you are not eligible for free support we also offer consultancy work with tiered rates. Please see here for more information. 

We also work with businesses and corporates who are trying to find local non-profit organisations to support or partner up on projects. Contact us here for more information.

Lastly if you are a professional fundraiser who is interested in volunteering on some awesome projects with Small Change.

Drop us an email for more information.


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