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We know that there are many organisations who also need help fundraising, but may not be eligible for our free support. So we also offer consultancy fundraising work. So far we have worked with the Florence Nightingale Museum, and as we are just starting out in the consultancy world we are open to negotiation!

Small Change is different than your usual fundraising freelancer or consultant in two ways.


The first is that we practice a holistic approach where we have a team of fundraisers in various fundraising disciplines (trusts, events, direct marketing etc), who will tackle your fundraising problems collectively.

Secondly, the profits made from working with you go back into helping support other smaller charities. Therefore by working with us, you are giving a smaller nonprofit a chance to receive quality fundraising support, they wouldn't normally be able to access.

Our packages are currently made to fit you, so if you are interested please email for more information. Hannah is often happy to also offer a free Zoom chat with you, to help point you in the right direction or answer any pressing fundraising questions you might have, so do get in touch.

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