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Our Vision

Small Change is a social enterprise that offers free fundraising support to small nonprofits. Our vision is that everyone should be able to access quality fundraising support.  Not just those who have the budget. Often it is the smaller non-profits (think food banks, community centres, befriending schemes), who are working on the ground directly supporting our most vulnerable. With no time for anything else.


By creating Small Change, organisations who can afford fundraising support know when they work with us, they are supporting a smaller nonprofit who is just as important but may not have the time/budget/staff to fundraise themselves.

How does it work?

First check if you are eligible for free support here. If you are fill in the form and we will get back to you once we have matched you up with one or two of us in the team.


These will be your main point of contact, but the whole team will be there to help solve your fundraising problems as they arise. Once we have identified some recommendations we will work with you to help you implement them. Then we will work with you for an agreed amount of time to help you achieve your goal. 


If you are NOT eligible for support we can still help. We also offer consultancy work here . As we are a CIC this means profits go back into Small Change meaning by working with us you will be helping us continue our work to small non-profits for free!

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