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Quirky what now?

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Hi Everyone thanks so much for visiting Q. Konomi.

I'm Hannah and I hope this website can be some help if you need to fundraise for your great cause.

A bit about me - I am mum to an 18 month old tiny monster, I love Japanese culture, 80s fantasy movies (think The Labyrinth, Dark Crystal) and getting involved in community initiatives. I am also pretty Dyslexic, so if you see grammatical errors try not to judge too much!

My professional background is pretty quirky as I have been trained as a nursery nurse (at Croydon College no less), gained a BA Hons in Playwork (childhood development), I am level 2 British Sign Language trained and worked on countless leisure, culture and heritage projects in the voluntary sector.

Throughout all of this, one theme that has remained consistent is fundraising. I know that may people find fundraising boring, but to me the ideas, energy, highs of a project being funded and lows of some being rejected make it a fascinating area to work in.

My fundraising achievements so far have varied from securing and completing a successful £1.9 million pound project from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to finding a piano for community use in Selhurst Station, London.

I will be looking to update this website over the coming months, so keep checking back for new content.

In the mean time if you have any questions about Q. Konomi or just want to know where to start with fundraising then drop me a line.

It's me (on the left) with my fellow CASSA trustee and our Jazzy Selhurst Piano.

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